How to Have More

 Beautiful Skin

Who doesn't want to have smoother, more hydrated skin?  Here are some tips to take care and transform your skin to be healthier and glowing:

  • Drink plenty of water. It's good for your body, inside and out. 

  • De-stress your life. Stress will definately show on your face and in your over-all health.

  • Exercise. This is one way to be healthier in general and to get rid of some stress.  

  • Drink Green Tea which contains anit-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidation properties as well. 

  • Wear sun-block everyday that you're outside even for brief periods and even in the winter months. Many facial moisterizers contain SPF to protect against sun exposure.

  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.  Drinking Alcohol ages the skin and is very destructive for your skin as well as your overall health.

  • Use a non-soup, water-based cleanser on your skin. 

  • For acne-prone skin, avoid  dairy products as much as possible.  Reducing milk intake may cut down on break-outs. 

  • Apply moisturizer to your skin daily. It's good to apply a moisturizer after a shower while your skin is still wet. 

  • Get enough rest . Your skin repairs itself during sleep and getting enough sleep helps build your immune system. 

  • Exfoliate your face and body. Exfoliating is simply gently scrubbing old skin cells away, revealing a beautiful glow which is new skin cells.  It also reduces or shrinks pores. This will help prevent dirt from getting down into pores, clogging them which will cause breakouts.  IMPORTANT : Don't over-do  exfoliation and don't scrub too hard! You don't need to sand your face, only gently scrub with a natural bristled soft brush or loofah and rinse with cool water and pat dry.  Loofah gloves are a great way of gently cleansing your face. 

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are not something we think about or even know about until we get them. Skin tags are tiny, balloon-like growths attached to underlying skin by stalks. They appear to be hanging on these "stalks".  Skin tags are not harmful and they do not occur at birth. Usually, these little tags are noticed the older we get.  The medical term for skin tags is called acrochordon.  If you do nothing about skin tags, you should not worry. You can, however, get rid of skin tags by using any number of products. 

Beautiful Skin

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