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My Story-

The Battle that I Won

    We live our  lives, eating and drinking just about anything we want, especially when we're younger and if we're lucky (I call it blessed), except for the occasional upset tummy or heartburn, we can go on with our normal eating habits with no drama.

    I had a battle with my gut that ended up changing my life. Ok, it's not THAT dramatic, but at the time, I felt like I was dying. It all started with a dog bite. So, I got injured because a dog decided to snack on my leg. I went to the doctor and they put me on a round of antibiotics.  Everyone knows your supposed to eat yogurt while on antibiotics but I didn't think about it, finished my round and felt better. About a month later I  got a colonoscopy. (Both my parents died of Colon Cancer so I get screened every few years.)

    I started to get rashes and reoccurring yeast infections. This went on for months. I would get the medicine to treat the infections and ointment for the rashes.    After a while, I got so used to this private hell I was going through, it became my new normal.  I wanted to know more about what was going on in my body. I read and researched and found out that because of the antibiotics and then having my colon cleansed for the colonoscopy, that had wiped out all the good bacteria in my gut.



    Before all this, I didn't know anything about good and bad bacteria. I had to learn the hard way. So, basically I had to rebuild my good flora in my intestines from scratch. I was being over run by yeast and bad bacteria so I decided I would do what I had to do to feel better.  I have a sweet tooth which made things so much worse because sugar feeds yeast. So, although it would take tremendous will power and a lot of prayer  and probiotics to build up my good army of gut flora I was determined to do it.  I completely cut out sugar and bread for six months while taking over the counter probiotics and eating salad and vegetables. I wouldn't even eat fruit for something sweet. The only sweet thing I had was a cup of yogurt. I did this for, like I said, six months. After a while it got easier and I started to feel better.


    During this time I researched and read everything I could about my problem and probiotics. I found out that I could make my own. Imagine that! I was thrilled. It was a little scary because I was basically leaving cabbage out to ferment for about a month.(Make sure you learn how to make this correctly!)  I did everything correctly and precisely how I learned and it turned out to be the best sauerkraut I ever tasted! I then tried to make Kefir. I succeeded but didn't care for it. Then, I heard about this thing called Kombucha. I wasn't sure I'd like it but seeing as that my life depended on keeping probiotics in my system to win this war, I was going to do this. I learned how to make it and now I am the Kombucha Queen! I learned how to master the basics and now make flavored buch that is awesome if I do say so myself. I even got my unbelieving family to try it and they like it. So that's my story. I give God all the Glory for healing me. In the Bible it says  in 

1st Timothy 5:23 - " Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake andthine often infirmities." . I truly believe it means wine, not because of the alcohol but for the good gut bacteira it provides. For me, Kombucha which is also fermented provides a lot of good bacteria for your gut. and it only has a very small trace of alcohol. You could drink Kombucha all day and maybe get a slight buzz, if that. 

     I hope this helps someone out there going through a similar situation. I don't wish this on my worst enemy.  Even if you feel fine, probiotics are so good for you. I hope you will try them in various forms. God Bless you!

What is Candida?

     Commonly called a yeast infection, Candida is a microscopic fungal organism that is typically living harmless in many people. It may delvelop in persons with compromised immune systems with an out of balance inner ecosystem inside their intestines.


       Candida thrives on dead  tissues and sugars in food, which is why it's important to avoid sugary foods and beverages while treating a yeast infection. Unless drastic changes in the diet occur that eliminate sugars and breads, for instance, the candida can quickly colonize the entire body and take some time to repopulate the "good bacteria" which is found in probiotics.

    A systemic candida outbreak can become deadly if a person's immune stytem is so weak it cannot fight off this terrible infection. Thankfully, in many cases it can be treated with a strict sugar-free diet, rich in vegetables and plenty of probiotics.

    There are a wide variety of over the counter probiotic available at any health store or grocery store or you can learn how to make your own, which is ideal because the store bought capsules may lose potency to an extent and perhaps some of the  beneficial live bacteria can die. Remember,  yeast hates vegetables but will thrive on sugar.  Probiotics are a great additional to anyone's health regime.

DISCLAIMER :The content and views on this site are not intended to treat any diseases. Always consult with your doctor before introducing anything new to your diet or lifestyle.

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*Disclaimer: It is important to be informed, but this information/website is not intended to treat any disorders or disease. You should always seek medical advice from your doctor before beginning any treatment or health regimen. The contents of this website are one persons opinion and should only be considered under the advice of your physician. 

The Benefits of Probiotics

Taking Probiotics in various forms, whether in capsule form, teas, store-bought or homemade kombucha and other homemade fermented foods and beverages such as Kefir provide the "Good Bacteria" . These good bacteria benefits our health by:

  • Strengthening our Immune Systems

  • Contributes to a healthy Digestive Tract.

  • Fight food-borne illness

  • Improves digestive function

  • Improves Eczema

  • Weight Loss

What are Probiotics & Prebiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial, living  bacteria that are good for your health and digestive system. "Pro" means to promote or "for" something and "Biotics" mean Life , so Probitoics are to promote to Life.

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that are food for the probiotics. Simply put, Probiotics eat Prebiotics.  Prebiotics help the Probiotics and together, they are called Symbiotic.  Prebiotics are undigestible plant fibers. Some examples of prebiotic foods are:  raw chickory root,  raw Jeruselem Artichoke, raw Garlic, raw Leeks and raw onion. 

When you make your own Kombucha, you will be using what is called a SCOBY which stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.

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